Sunday, August 31, 2008

Summer comes to an end!

This summer has been full of swimming, tennis, biking, running, dodgeball and sonic happy hour!! Some of the things I love about summer are the later nights, early morning sunrise, early morning bike rides, tennis, fireflies, night swims, sleeping late (for the kids, not me!), sunblock, more freckels, cold drinks, watermelon, movies, music, books, friends and most of all family. I love having my children around and not having a tight schedule. I will miss summer.

The start of this school year is a hard one for me with Evan starting kindergarten. I am embarking on a new era. No kids at home!! The first day came and went and I refused to attend the Boo Hoo breakfast they were offering for the other moms. I marched right on past them and said I will not be one of those moms! Day 5 of school... I am in Dallas at a fitness convention and Josh calls to tell me Evan had a difficult day at school. I was sobbing in the middle of several hundred people walking around. My friends thought someone had died. Let's just say I am one of those boo hoo moms and I have struggled with my baby going to school. He loved the first few days but is now asking " do I have to keep going back forever???!!" Yikes, it may take a little while to get used to that schedule. I did fit in an extra bike ride and got creamed playing tennis one afternoon. Maybe I will adjust okay!! Here is a cute picture of Evan's first day of school and then the three of them. Taylor decided to shock her friends and dress a little more girly the first day, she looked beautiful. She said she will only do it once a week, she can't run to the swings as fast and beat the boys in those jeans! Emma just tried to make sure she was dressed in all the right fashions. The last picture was the group that I took to Dallas, these are all the girls that work for me (they are the group exercise instructors and I am the boss lady!) We have a lot of fun every year.


Just a few pictures from good ol Utah! Josh had a great time seeing some of his mission companions! Everyone has much bigger families! Shelley, Scotty and Rachel are in there with their 4 kiddos!! The girls in white are all the girl grandchildren on the Routt side minus my eldest daughter who would not participate in a white dress! Evan is a daredevil and climbed up tot he falls at Bridal Veil. He is quite fearless!


It is strange to say Emma turned 9 in June and Tay is now officially a teenager!!! She was 13 and every bit of it I must say. She is several inches taller than I am and has a size 8 foot. We are grateful to have them both and the many qualities that they each have (and oh boy are they different!!!) We have Emma who loves to shop, talk on the phone and be with her friends. We have Taylor who loves sports, hates to shop, and likes to hang out with mom and dad. Actually, they are both caring and compassionate people so we are grateful for that. Happy birthday my girls!!

Go Red for Women!

In May I had the opportunity to serve on a committe for a big fundraiser with the Go Red for Women Campaign. It is a wonderful cause to fight heart disease in women. This is a picture of the committee I was on.

Summer Fun!!

Just a little fun in the hot sun here in Arkansas!! We do a lot of swimming in the summer. The kids are all great swimmers so it leaves me time to be a lazy mom by the pool with a book. I have read many good books this summer!

Day 2 (weeks later) Backtracking!

I did not say that I would be great at this. Sometimes day 2 takes a while. I thought maybe a good way to get started would be to go back and post some pictures of events and "stuff" and put captions with them. Life is busy with Team Routt. Soooo, let's go back in time to May and then catch up a little. The pictures I have on the day 1 are pictures of our Utah trip on July. It is always a fun trip and a great way to make memories. Maybe day 3 will come a little quicker!! This picture is Mother's day luncheon at Evan's preschool. I really love having a little boy!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Day 1

So, this is the first attempt at blogging for our family. I am really stretching my abilities here on the computer. It will be interesting to see over time if I get any better. I hope this is something we can enjoy as well as our families (since we choose to live way out here in the stix!)