Monday, March 2, 2009


Taylor is so cute, I had to post these 2 pictures, one is her in her new glasses and the other is her giving me a teenager "look". She is so funny!!


na-na said...

Love you Tay-Tay! I have new batteries for our TV control!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Organized Chaos said...

Just a little teenager. That look must be universal. By the way out of town don't have e-mail with me. Last full week of July. Just let me know if that is big trouble for you!

Morgan & Brandon Carlson said...

Hi Josh and Amy!! I don't know if you will remember me. I'm Walt and Michele Ludlow's daughter Morgan. Lauren was showing me your guys facebook page and we saw that you had a blog. So I added you to my blog I hope thats okay. I can't believe how big your kids are. They are BEAUTIFUL!!! Glad to see you guys are doing well. my blog is